Insignes Labs is a company developing innovative antimicrobial additives to protect wide range of materials from microorganisms like bacteria, algae, fungi and molds.

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Who we are

Insignes Labs is an innovative startup company that develops strategies for novel components using specialty chemistry. Designed by our team, our additives aim to enhance biocidal effectiveness of selected active substances. Insignes Labs technology was tested against a broad range of unwanted bacteria and fungi, over 40 different strains, in different applications.

These allow for permanent and effective protection of commercial and household products against the potentially harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, molds and fungi. Insignes Labs is focused on the commercialization of its technology for new generation of Plant Protection Products (PPP).

New quality

Our additive can be applied in a wide range of industrial and commercial products giving antimicrobial functionality to modified materials. It can be easily incorporated into existing manufacturing processes.


What does antimicrobial mean?

Antimicrobial substances demonstrate the ability to stop the growth and reduce the presence of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and molds.

Magical powder

Our smart additive is based on low toxicity components which provide long-lasting and cost-effective antimicrobial protection.


Bring your products to the next level

Insignes Labs smart technology is used as an environmentally safe additive for plant protection products to strengthen the action of active substances, so that farmers can achieve higher and better yields. Our technology provides affordable antimicrobial protection for a wide range of materials such as polyamides, paints, powder coatings, epoxy and polyester resins as well as cosmetics.

plant protection products
Our additive when applied to plant protection products reduces crop losses associated with harmful germs, thanks to that farmers could achieve far higher yields than they do today, improve productivity and profits. The consumers will be able to do their shopping in full trust that they buy healthier and high quality foods.
paints | coatings | resins
Our innovative additive can be applied in a wide range of industrial and commercial products giving them new functionality and extending service life. The application of the additive is proven effective in paints, powder coatings, epoxy and polyester resins.
latex | nitrile
The potential for our material is vast and we can penetrate other markets such as healthcare.
Thanks to Insignes Labs technology dangerous germs are actively removed from the surface of modified plastics.
Insignes Labs also carries out extensive R&D research to create effective antimicrobial composites and technologies for cosmetics and personal care products.

Our goal

We recognize a very high demand for antimicrobial products which could promote a healthy and safe living environment. Our goal is to see our technology incorporated into life-changing solutions and transform the way people live for the better. Insignes Labs is more than just a company that makes antimicrobial additives.

We are a complete solutions company that focuses on helping our customers throughout their product development process. We provide expertise to assist our clients in fully utilizing the potential of their products or materials using our new technology. In addition, we provide microbiological testing that confirms the antimicrobial properties of products in accordance with internationally recognized industrial standards.

safe for people and the environment

protection against pathogens


Microorganisms - Are they good or bad?

An incredible variety of microorganisms exists in nature. Microbes are everywhere, but are invisible to the naked eye. We can feel their effects, because microbes produce allergens and irritants which can lead to serious infections and diseases. Some microbes can make people extremely sick and can sometimes prove fatal. However, not all microbes are a threat to human health. They form an important part of our natural environment.

A sustainable future

In our everyday life, we use and are surrounded by products containing biocidal chemicals. Often, people do not realize that these substances are in our environment (paints, cosmetics, household chemicals, toys) as well as in our food (packaging, plant protection products). Biocides are often used in excessive quantities or applied inappropriately and can therefore lead to adverse effects on human health and environmental biodiversity. A rising demand for antimicrobial products is prompted by the growing awareness of how these substances affect people. Today, billions of dollars are spent on controlling germs in private and public spaces, as well as in agriculture. On the other hand, the widespread use of dangerous and potentially toxic chemicals gives rise to concern about potential ecotoxicological effects of its uncontrolled release into the environment. Insignes Labs is committed to developing effective technology that is both environmentally friendly and safe to use.

Caring for agriculture protect nature

Tailored agriculture = Balanced ecosystem

The total global potential agricultural crop loss due to all pests varied from about 40% for maize and rice, 50% in wheat, to more than 80% in cotton production. Fungi probably cause the most severe losses due to its pervasiveness world-wide. The use of synthetic pesticides has become an integral part of modern agriculture and is one of the main reasons for increase of agriculture productivity. Unfortunately, plant pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi can adapt to fungicide treatments by mutations leading to resistance and loss of fungicide efficacy. Thus, fungicides can in turn become ineffective causing serious problems for farmers. Maintaining adequate, non-toxic, sustainable alternative strategies of plant protection is a necessity. The development of new and diverse, but environmentally-safe types of disease-control agents is a key strategy for balanced agriculture and an aid for farmers to produce healthier harvests and increased profits.

Our additives will help farmers target specific pathogens while posing minimal risk to the environment.

Infectious disease management

The presence of bacteria, molds and fungal spores in indoor environments can lead to unpleasant odors, product deterioration, discomfort and serious health issues. By incorporating our product into common consumer products we can control microbial growth on their surfaces, effectively limiting the microbial threat. This process significantly reduces cost and takes minimal effort. The application of our antimicrobial technology prevents the growth of unwanted microbes in industrial and consumer products. With this innovation, illnesses caused by molds and bacteria found in private and public areas could be effectively reduced.

Dr Anna Ogar / CEO

Michał Siwak / CTO


Insignes Lab is successfully developing and improving innovative antimicrobial technology thanks to a multidisciplinary team of chemists, biotechnologists, microbiologists, botanists and food technologists. Our team is experienced in development and implementation of international R&D projects. Our vast and expansive experience and knowledge of antimicrobial materials and their commercial use allows us to constantly improve and enhance antimicrobial properties of our products that can adapt to our customer’s needs. Our technical knowledge enables us to better and quickly respond to potential changes in the market of biocidal substances. We work closely with our clients to create unique antimicrobial solutions applied to their specific requirements.

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