Who we are

Insignes Labs is an innovative startup which develops strategies for novel antimicrobial components allowing for permanent and effective protection of commercial and household products against the harmful effects of microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and fungi. Our smart additive is based on low toxicity components which provides long-lasting and cost-effective antimicrobial protection. The application of our antimicrobial technology prevents the growth of unwanted microbes in industrial and consumer products.

Possible applications

Bring your products to the next level

Our company provides a cost-effective and long-lasting antimicrobial solution for a wide variety of products extending service life and making a safer and cleaner environment. The application of the material is versatile and proven effective in plastics, paints, powder coatings, sealants, latex and nitrile films. Our additive when applied to plant protection products reduces crop losses associat-ed with harmful germs.



Safe, clean and healthy environment in public spaces and homes!

We see a high demand for antimicrobial products which could aid the idea of a healthy and safe living environment. Our desire is to see our technology forged into life-changing solutions and change the way people live for the better.

Insignes Labs are more than just an antimicrobial additive supplier. We help our customers throughout their product development process. We provide expertise for variety of materials and tools required to effectively modify different types of materials with our additive. We offer microbiological tests confirming antimicrobial properties according to internationally recognized industry standards. Insignes Labs also carries out extensive R&D research to create effective antimicrobial composites and technologies for cosmetics and personal care products.

70 per cent of the infections spread through contaminated surfaces.

The presence of bacteria and molds in indoor environments can lead to unpleasant odors, product deterioration, discomfort and serious health issues. By incorporating our product into common consumer products we can control microbial growth on their surfaces effectively limiting the mi-crobial threat. For little cost and with almost no effort. With this innovation, illnesses caused by molds and bacteria found in private and public areas could be effectively reduced.

Are they good or bad?

An incredible variety of microorganisms exists in nature. Microbes are everywhere, but we nor-mally can not see them with our naked eye. We only feel their effects. Microbes produce allergens and irritants which can lead to serious infections and diseases. They can make people extremely sick and sometimes they can prove to be fatal. However, microbes are an important part of our natural environment.

What does antimicrobial mean?
Antimicrobial substances demonstrate the ability to stop the growth and reduce the presence of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and molds.


Our extensive experience and knowledge of antimicrobials materials and their commercial use allows us to constantly improve and enhance antimicrobial properties of our product. It helps us tailor products for our customers needs. Our technical knowledge enables us to better and quickly respond to potential changes in market of biocidal substances. We will work with you to create unique antimicrobial solutions applied to your specific requirements.

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Smart Antimicrobial Technology.

PhD Maciej Długosz / CTO

PhD Anna Ogar / CEO